Let the Sunshine In

Let the sunshine in.

“A room is not a room without natural light,” according to the highly acclaimed modern architect Louis Kahn. In real estate, we often describe a house as having great natural light because it’s a selling point. And given a choice, most of us would pick an office with windows instead of an interior space with no windows.

People exposed to natural light sleep longer and better than those not exposed to natural light. Good sleepers are healthier and happier people, leading to better workplace productivity.

Natural light increases the value of a space – whether it’s a home or an office. It’s more appealing to potential buyers or workers and helps reduce time on the market.

When the colder temps of winter arrive and time outside is shorter, let the sunshine in by opening draperies and blinds during the day. Use lighter paint colors and decorate with mirrors to allow light to reflect around the room. And maintain the landscaping to keep shrubs and trees from blocking the sun.

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